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Broadcasting for all: Deep Dive into Diversity

The ABU met in person in Delhi after two years of virtual General Assemblies. In November, for the 59th time the movers and shakers in the broadcast industry from Asia – Pacific region and beyond gathered for six days of networking, exchange of ideas and discussions on future strategies, joint actions, and partnerships.

The theme of the conversation this year, “Serving the People: Media’s Role in Times of Crisis”, called for putting the unprecedented reach and power of media at service of our people at a critical moment for the humanity.

The climate crisis, increased conflicts, and looming post – COVID recession are threats to our way of life and even to our very existence. We are at a crossroad. The decisions we make today will shape the future we want for our children. Media should be a key player in shaping this future – re-focusing from immediate local issues to the larger challenges of humankind that will impact everyone.

The AUB CEO and the new ABU Secretary General

Attached document: AUB CEO Presentation

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