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Structure & Benefits

Membership of the African Union of Broadcasters (AUB) is open to any organisation involved in the African broadcasting sector or that supports broadcasting work in Africa.

The AUB provides exceptional industry support to its members. Members have unrestricted access to industry resources and facilities such as Updated information, Event Discounts, Networking Opportunities as well as Career Development Programs. 

The AUB, through its mandate, is focused on providing great value and the best services to its members delivered through effective Advocacy, Education and Innovation. 

Being a member of the AUB is an effective way to build new relationships, keep abreast of innovative solutions, receive industry latest news and developments and learn new ideas to help strengthen your organisation.

The AUB is composed of 3 types of membership:

  • Active members

  • Participating members

  • Associate members

Active Members

Any broadcasting organization from any African country that is a member of the African Union, which provides national public broadcasting services with the authorization of the national authorities may become an active member of the Union, provided they fulfil the following conditions:

  • Produces a substantial amount of its programmes through its own means;

  • Broadcasts a variety of programmes to the general public;

  • Has broadcasting coverage of an entire territory of the country or a plan showing the intention to gradually achieve that objective.

All active members contribute effectively to the implementation and promotion of the objectives of the Union and the conduct of its activities. 

Therefore active members that pay their annual subscriptions form the “Coalition of the Willing” and have the following rights and privileges:

  • The right to membership of all organs of AUB.

  • The right to vote at all meetings of all organs of AUB.

  • The right to elect and be elected to all executive and clerical posts of AUB.

  • The right to have citizens from their respective countries and organizations elected or appointed to positions of responsibility in AUB.

  • The right to constitute the quorum at all meetings and to take binding decisions for AUB. A quorum in this instance shall be a simple majority of the members constituting the Coalition of the Willing present or represented at such meetings.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, simple majority means fifty percent plus one (50% +1). 

Participating Members

Participating Members are private broadcasting organizations or groups of broadcasting organizations of any African country that is member of the African Union which undertake activities similar to those of the active members. This is as long as they play a major role in the country in which they are situated and can be useful to the Union.

Participating members form a group of broadcasting organizations with the active member(s) of their respective countries. They designate a representative to join the delegation of the active member(s) to participate in the sessions of the General Assembly. Participating members have the right to take the floor at General Assembly sessions and participate in the activities of the Union.

Associate Members

These are public or private broadcasting organizations or groups of broadcasting organizations situated outside the African continent which provide a national broadcasting service.
A public or private organization or group of organizations, African or foreign national or international, whose activities include audio-visual communication can also be associate member(s).
Associate members have the right to take the floor at General Assembly sessions and to participate in the activities of the Union.

Voting Rights and Eligibility to the Union’s Organs

Only active members have the right to vote in and be eligible to the Union’s Organs.
Each active member is entitled to 3 votes each.
The right of eligibility to the Union’s organs is exercised individually by each active member organization either on its own account or that of another member, or collectively by the members of the group broadcasting organizations.
Voting is by a show of hands, unless a roll-call vote is requested. In the event of elections, voting shall be by secret ballot.

Become A Member

Broadcasting organizations or groups of broadcasting organizations which possess the necessary qualifications for membership may be admitted if the request is approved by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Executive Council which shall specify, in particular, the category of the membership and the amount of subscription. The approval of the General Assembly shall be subject to a simple vote of the active members present or represented.
Request for admission shall be addressed through the Headquarters of the Union to the President who shall notify the active members of the request before the meeting of the Executive Council.
A group of broadcasting organizations shall be admitted to the Union as one member if it is a company or an association of right of broadcasting organizations from one and the same country which meet individually the conditions for admission to the Union.
The member thus admitted shall have only one and same representation with the same and only one identification, irrespective of the fact that the persons representing it may come from individual organizations. 

If you would like to become an AUB Member, please contact us at:

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