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The Transformation Agenda

It is a great pleasure to present this proposed Road Map for the African Union of Broadcasting. We are presenting this road map as a “transformational agenda”, which, we believe, when appropriately followed, will put into action the dreams and aspirations we all hold for the Union.

As with any member-based organisation, our capabilities and achievements lie in the quality of our network, the depth of our membership base, and our ability to gain and retain their continued support. We are planning to implement major activities that we hope will increase our membership uptake thereby enhancing the quality of our network.

Our esteemed and beloved Union will continue to set a course of purpose for a new and vibrant dynamism, coupled with the successful implementation of both our “MENOS” and the “ONE MINUTE” programmes.

AUB Chief Executive Officer
Gregoire Ndjaka


Download the document

AUB Road Map 2016-2020: A Transformation Agenda

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