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Zimbabwe hosted 2017 World Radio Day

Takashinga, Zimbabwe.
13 February 2017, World Radio Day was celebrated worldwide. The theme chosen for this commemoration was: "Radio is you!"

The African Broadcasting Union (AUB) was at the center of this major event memorable for men and women around the world.
This included paying tribute to radio as a means of communication, improving collaboration between broadcasters and their audiences, and encouraging mass media and community radios to commit to information and Freedom of expression.

Through its member organizations, the AUB made this celebration a great moment of sharing with the listeners. It is the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) which had the honor to host the festivities for Africa. 

The ZBC worked closely with the Zimbabwean Ministry of Information and the national and regional media as a whole.

To this end, the AUB invited all its member organizations to become fully involved in this commemoration by developing a programme dedicated to the theme "Radio is you”:  debates, conferences, talk shows, animations, Workshops and other events.

Please find below the programme of this day at ZBC

                                   WORLD RADIO COMMEMORATIONS   “RADIO IS YOU, ZIMBABWE 2017”

  1. Introduction

 World Radio Day is an annual event held on the 13th of February to celebrate the power, influence and uniqueness of radio in touching lives across all continents. The World Radio Day commemorations are aimed at promoting freedom of expression, gender equality on the air waves and recognizing the importance of radio in the global community. The celebrations are also aimed at transforming and changing opinions, promoting international co-operation as well as saving lives in the event of natural disasters and other calamities.

  1. 2017 World Radio Day Commemorations

The African Union of Broadcasters has chosen the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation to host the 2017 World Radio Day Commemorations for the Southern Africa Region which covers the SADC region, a bloc consisting of 15 countries.

  • The commemorations will be held under the theme “Radio is You”

  •  ZBC will organize the event with close cooperation from UNESCO and the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services.

  • Financing of the event

  • The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, ZBC as the host will finance the commemorations. A draft budget has already been prepared.

  • Venue


The commemorations will be held at Takashinga Cricket Club grounds in Highfield on Monday the 13th of February 2017. Fiyo as Highfield is affectionately known is the second oldest African Township in Harare.
Established in the 1930s as a segregated township for Africans in the then Rhodesia, Highfield is also considered the birthplace of African nationalism in Zimbabwe.

Takashinga literally meaning “we are bold” is the name of a cricket club, established in the 1990s by black players who fought for equal opportunities in a sport previously seen as a preserve of the elite.

The African Union of Broadcasters AUB Chief Executive Officer Mr. Gregoire Ndjaka will be formally invited as the function’s Chief Executive.            


Who is invited?

  • All radio stations in Zimbabwe national, commercial or community including the ZBC’s four (Spot FM, Power FM, National FM and Radio Zimbabwe) are free to attend. Invites will be sent to all radio stations that are not part of the ZBC’s stable.

  • From the region, ZBC will invite national radios from the 15 countries in the region, one radio station from each country. Invited guests are expected to cater for their travel, accommodation and meals

  • United Nations Agencies in Zimbabwe such as UNESCO, Unicef among others.

  • Relevant Non Governmental Organizations.


Youths participation

  • ZBC will partner with selected schools (both primary and secondary) who will take part in the event on the day. The school children will be part of the procession on the day of the event.

  • Young people from all walks of life will be given opportunities to be behind the microphone by coming to different ZBC radio stations as “Guest Presenters”. This will be done for a week from Monday the 6th of February to The day of the commemorations (13th February).

  • Young people will also be given platforms to speak about radio on various youth programmes on ZBC Television. 


Schools Involvement


A World Radio Day Competition will be introduced starting in January 2017 and will be open to school children. Winners will be awarded on the day of the commemorations.


Guest of Honour 


As hosts, the ZBC will invite the Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Dr Christopher Mushohwe as the 2017 World Radio Day Commemorations’ Guest of Honor.



  • A local taskforce chaired by the Head of Radio Services has been put in place to ensure the commemorations are well prepared. The taskforce’s mandate will only come to an end at the end of the commemorations, when a Post Production meeting will be held to review all the work done.

  • Publicity in the form of billboard should be put in vintage positions in selected areas across the country.

  • ZBC TV will make a documentary and air it before the event as well as other promos.

  • ZBC’s four radio stations will make noise on the event through promos, different programmes and DJ mentions to ensure the event is fully publicized.

  • The local taskforce consists of: (i) Finance chaired by Mr. Naphtali Strauss Tembo. (ii) Administration chaired by Mr. S. Kundishora. (iii) Media and Publicity Emma Shamuyarira, and Chief Producers of ZBC Radio Stations. (iv) Protocol and Security-chaired by Mr. E. Mukonho (v) Marketing-B. Mbewe. (vi) Technical Committee-I. Tsamba and Karuma. (vii) Programme F. Vhitori and the four Chief Producers of the Radio Stations D. Mckenzie, T. Chakanyuka, T. Chiname and A. Chekayi.

  • So far the venue has been visited and recommendations have been made to work on internet connectivity.


January Programming

  • Starting January, ZBC’s four radio stations will start promoting the World Radio Day Commemorations through different programme concepts such as Bringing Back Radio Ekhaya/Kumusha.

  • The momentum should be carried for the whole month of February well after the event so as to create a lasting legacy.

  • Venue  accessibility


ZBC will avail transport for delegates from hotels where they are booked to the venue. In the case of the general public, the venue is located in a high density suburb that easily accessible by public transport from all parts of the country.


Venue Logistics

  • Power supply at Venue - There is electricity at the venue but there is need to engage the power utility ZETDC to avail three phase electricity. A standby generator (3 phase) will also be there in case of power cuts.

  • Communication at venue- the ICT expert Mr. Tsamba is engaging service providers to ensure there is adequate internet bandwidth for radio transmission and general communication.

  • Exhibitions –ZBC has the rights to the venue and those who want to do any form of business such as the selling of food and drinks among others have to be given permission by the National Broadcaster.


Press Conferences

  • The ZBC will be calling for a Press Conference to announce that the AUB has chosen it to host the World Radio Day Commemorations.

  • After the Press Conference, the National Broadcaster will from time to time appraise the media on developments through Press Conferences.

  • On the eve of the World Radio Day, there will be a cocktail party. The party which will double up as a Press Conference is strictly by invitation.


Programme of the Day 

  • The day will be kick-started by a procession leading to the venue of the event, Takashinga Cricket Club.

  • There will be entertainment from different local musical groups.

  • All radio stations available on the day will each be given 5 minutes on the stage to introduce themselves and do a brief showcase of the station.

  • The ZBC Chief Executive Officer will welcome will welcome guests.

  • The AUB Chief Executive will also make a speech as well as UNESCO, a UN Agency that has championed the commemoration of the day.

  • The Guest of honour will also make a speech.

  • Entertainment will be the bedrock of the event and in between speeches, there will be entertainment interludes.

  • Dancing competitions will be held with winners getting prizes. In the spirit of encouraging youth participation, children and the youth will be given first preference in entering the competition.



Local musical groups will be given an opportunity to perform at the event. After the official proceedings, a musical gala will follow with different artists performing up to around 2000hrs.

Media Coverage of the Day

  • ZBC’s four radio stations will broadcast the event live to different audiences across the country.

  • Invited stations also have the opportunity to broadcast as the internet for live transmission will be adequate.

  • ZBC TV will broadcast live the events of the day.

  • The events will also be streamed live on the AUB website for the benefit of other countries in the region.

  • The media is free to come and cover the event.


Honouring Radio Legends

Selected local Radio legends will be given time to showcase and take people down memory lane. They will also be conferred with lifetime achievements awards.

Mascot and logo

  • The ZBC is planning to get a World Radio Day 2017 mascot who will be dressed in the shape of a microphone.

  • A designer to be engaged to design a logo for the event.

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